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Expanding the autonomy of universities

Expanding the autonomy of universities is an important stage in the development of the state's educational system. A natural step in subsequent development was the creation and strengthening of higher education institutions’ self-regulation. Purposeful measures are being consistently carried out to transform the country's leading universities into autonomous universities based on the experience and type of similar scientific and educational institutions of foreign countries.

In the system of higher education, a three-level model of education personnel for Bachelor's, Master's and PhD programs has been introduced. Continuity of the education process, ensuring the succession of its levels, is one of the main principles of the state’s educational policy. It is possible, after the successful completion of the first cycle’s program, to gain access to the second cycle programs, and at the end of the second cycle to the third cycle program. Kazakhstan, as a full member of the European Higher Education Area, is actively introducing the parameters of the Bologna Process into the higher education system. Modernization is carried out by using the competence model in educational programs, actively developing student mobility, increasing the role of information technology, introducing multilingualism and improving educational and methodological base in accordance with global educational trends.