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The consortium of Erasmus+ Advanced Centre for PhD Students and Young Researchers in Informatics (ACeSYRI) project announces a call for external expertise to carry out an independent evaluation of the degree of implementation and effectiveness of the project

Individual applications will be considered in accordance with the criteria approved by the ACeSYRI Project Quality Control Group.

1. Aims and objectives of the project:

To improve the conditions for the scientific work of young researchers in Kazakhstan.

To provide an innovative infrastructure for international cooperation of young researchers and lecturers of Kazakhstani and European universities.

Provide an electronic platform for doctoral students to find consultants in areas related to their research fields outside Kazakhstan and involve them in international projects.

2. Education required for the external examiner

The candidate should have at least a Master's degree in any field.

3. Skills and work experience

Proven professional experience in higher education.

Proven work experience in Erasmus+ or other international projects.

Proven during interview knowledge of English, Kazakh and/or Russian languages.

Experience of participating in the Erasmus+ project monitoring procedure is welcomed.

Experience of working in universities in Erasmus+ countries is welcomed.

4. Tasks of the external expert

- to review the processes and results of the project participants;

- assess the achievement of the project objectives, development effectiveness, impact and sustainability, including the results of the participant survey provided by the members of the ACeSYRI project Quality Control Group;

- to prepare an expert conclusion;

- present the results of the evaluation at an expert meeting in autumn 2023.

5. Terms and payment for services

The external expert shall be given access to the documentation related to the implementation of the project in the specific consortium member. The assignment of an expert who has passed the consortium member's expert selection procedure shall be carried out by the ACeSYRI Project Quality Officer.

The external expert undertakes to deliver the service within a given timeframe and to provide an expert opinion and publicly announce them at an expert meeting in autumn 2023.

The external expert undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of the data received. 

The cost of the external expert, including all mandatory contributions, is an amount equivalent to EUR 400. Payment of taxes and other mandatory contributions shall be made by the external expert himself. The fee shall be converted into tenge at the European Commission's exchange rate at the time of payment.

6. Deadlines and requirements for the application

The deadline for submitting an application to act as external expert is June 5, 2023.

The application should be sent by email to Zamzagulsultan267@gmail.com with the subject line: Competition for External Expert for the Erasmus+ ACeSYRI project.

The application form should be accompanied by a CV, a scan of the original diploma of education, scanned versions of the original work record or official certificate of employment, scans of documents confirming work experience on Erasmus+ projects or other international projects, experience in the Erasmus+ project monitoring procedure.

A CV is requested to assess the applicant's skills, competencies and experience.

Eligible applicants will be interviewed between 7 and 25 June.

The selection of the external assessor will be made at the ACeSYRI Project Quality Control Team meeting no later than 30 June 2023.

All applicants will be notified of their eligibility, admission to the interview, interview date (if eligible) and the Quality Control Group's decision on the selection outcome.